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Advanced Traceability - to meet the argument

7.3 to meet the arguments

Discussed in Section 7.2 to achieve the basic traceability, for many organizations is an important development step. Indeed, the change in organizational culture, using even this simple method, which itself may be a big step. However, there is always more we can do.
In the example shown in Figure 7.1, three system requirements to some extent to fully meet customer needs. However, by non-experts to test this assertion is difficult, because there is no reason given.

Better approach is for each user needs to provide a "meet the argument." As shown in Figure 7.1 for the basic traceability, the only information provided to meet the needs of the three systems act as a role in the argument, but not exactly what direction what is the argument.

Rich traceability is a way to capture the argument to meet. This method is the user needs and system requirements corresponding to another description, shown in Figure 7.3.

Not only to meet the argument described in text mode, but also the use of logic operators describe the way the combined system requirements:

鈼?and (&) operator to meet the argument that the user needs requires the establishment of all system requirements;
鈼?or (or) operator to meet the argument that the user needs requires the establishment of an arbitrary system requirements.

Figure 7.4 shows an example or to provide heating cycle, or gas ring, or two laps, all meet. Note that the argument of the two-logic structure.

Now offers more and more are to meet the needs of information users, if not the domain experts can assess important aspects of the argument. Text help to assess the accuracy and integrity of the logical argument. Operator to make the argument structure more accurately.

Please pay special attention, for Figure 7.2, a collection of system requirements that alternative solutions is very clear, and for Figure 7.4, the expression of this fact is very specific. If you can not provide electric circle, the circle continues to meet the demand through the gas.

On the first taste of the rich traceability through the "West Coast Railway Modernization" project, Praxis Critical System company needs a team proposes a management process and the use of the "design evaluation" of the data model. The same concept can also be found in a variety of similar methods, which meet the arguments have different terminologies, such as "needs more detail", "the basic principles of traceability," "strategy" and so on.

In addition to lower demand, the argument may also depend on to meet a lot of content. Figure 7.5 shows a use of "domain knowledge" to support the argument of the case. Domain knowledge about the real world, a fact or hypothesis does not itself bound solution. In this case, domain knowledge description is to satisfy the basic part of the argument, said box with ramp.

Capture this assumption is important because the real world as well as on assumptions made by the real world are changing. Once captured this assumption, you can use to export analysis to understand the changing assumptions on the system ability to meet their needs.

One such example is the New York subway. 70 years a series of accidents occurred due to incorrectly assume that the train's braking distance. Although initially been confirmed, but after a few years later become heavier trains, braking distance increases, the old assumptions no longer valid. Although the initial operation of the signal system is correct, but no evolution, changed assumptions imply a specific time from the start, signaling system no longer meet the demand.

Through effective traceability can provide records and the ability to track the role of this assumption.

Non-demand information to meet the arguments of another example of work from modeling. Meet the arguments often through complex modeling
Activities of export, the complete details are too detailed, can not capture rich traceability.

Figure 7.6 shows an example from a railway project, which satisfy the argument depends on the use of a tool called VISION timetable for modeling complex activities. Derived through this modeling tool subsystem a set of assumptions and requirements, according to the formation of rich traceability structure of the document. The reference model box with rounded corners, said.

In this example, the need to reconsider the analysis of the modeling activities will obviously impact.
Rich traceability of course, can also be used for multi-demand or object. Figure 7.7 shows three levels and between levels of traceability.


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Only micro-blog is not "micro-complaints"

Micro-blog era, did it have to drive "micro-complaint" out of fashion? Micro-Bo Bo Wen's words to each limited to 140 characters to accommodate SMS restrictions on the number of words in order to achieve a variety of media, computers and mobile phones Interconnection spreading effect. To some extent, limit 140 words known to the world laid the foundation for popular micro-Bo. However, the limit to 100 characters of "micro-complaints" such Laus son, destined to be cursed by the people, because 100 characters is difficult to make it clear that the circumstances surrounding a complaint.

I am dedicated to the Dantu District government website pages visited some complaints, it is a simple enough "message board" program. User message limited to words, is the previous "narrow bandwidth" habitual practice of the times. Take this technology to meet the people behind the complaints, a government Web site is really ready to come out lazy and run down image. As expected, the local government will make the responsibility to provide services related to the company website.

Appears limited to 100 words "micro complaints" of the paradoxes, the local government is rooted in the lack of complaints in good faith. Government staff to test their ability to onset of this complaint system, is not difficult. Moreover, as long as the identified problems, modify the word limit can not be technically simple to simple. However, complaints of such a system just like ornaments on behalf of the Government of the cold on how long people do not know already, the Government had no knowledge of, can not help but blame it on lazy lazy.

In local government "OCS" are more a "government websites are not updated a long time," the news has been exposed. Today, network access to 2.0 or even 3.0 times, in times on the network still has much work space. Some areas of public complaints Instead, IMIS does not appear that the technical Mishap Dantu, but the responses are often seen in complaints "have read" "has been passed on in a sector" of the bureaucratic class, can not help but feeling the powerful bureaucracy and stubborn.

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Mr. Wu: I have a 600 million U.S. dollars in cash

Over the past few months, UT Starcom news constantly. People want to know, once glorious moment of PHS Is it true, some experts said life is not long? IPTV could become a second PHS? Before and UT Starcom's CEO and president of China, Wu Ying-depth exchange of this matter.

PHS is still growing

Reporter: Many people feel that PAS is now to die, how do you see?

Mr. Wu: In China, last year's fourth quarter and the first quarter of this year, PHS phones are in short supply. Monthly increase of 180-200 million users each month than the U.S. and Japan have all mobile users to increase even more. Japan a month, the total number of mobile users of various systems was an increase of 60 million. Telecom and China Netcom from the point of view, the first quarter of this year, more than 60% growth from the PHS.

Reporter: detachable phone selling?

Wu Ying: selling well. Multi-mode is the development direction of mobile phones, UT Starcom introduced the world's true dual-mode handsets, the real dual sim, dual standby, playing any number can be answered.

Reporter: The relevant departments of the dual-mode PHS handset sales or restriction, is it because there is no mobile licenses Telecom and Netcom?

Wu Ying: This is nothing to do with mobile licenses. China Telecom and China Netcom to sell without SIM card. Users simply take a single prior to the PHS number, PHS achieve machine card separation, to the field, it is possible for a local phone number of PHS, while the dual-mode dual standby mobile phone can use the same freedom to switch mobile phone networks. Users with this phone, is equal to Mobile and Unicom of an additional income.

Reporter: fixed network operators, 3G and PHS is a contradiction.

Mr. Wu: China to wait for TD-SCDMA mature, therefore, 3G license issuance is hard to say when. Construction of 3G networks for some time. A return on investment, telecom operators themselves or be counted.

Reporter: Are you on the PHS will continue to invest in it?

Wu Ying: We will continue to increase investment in PHS, to provide full support for operators. I believe that PHS will live a long time.

IPTV is a disruptive technology

Reporter: and PHS compared to the above put you in the IPTV effort more, and why?

Wu Ying: This is a disruptive innovation, the technology well, definitely will change our lives. For decades, we are in a fixed time to watch TV and see a fixed channel. Emergence of IPTV, we can see any channel at any time, on the people concerned, is a good treat, but also, IPTV support high-definition TV, advanced form of digital television, which is the development direction of the world, so This business model which bears a great business opportunity. UT Starcom is the only IPTV can provide one million users of equipment manufacturers. Good control as long as the relevant content, infrastructure, co-operation in the world must be able to launch an innovative service model out, and if so, China is likely a global leader in IPTV, which China has become an innovative country is favorable.

Reporter: IPTV development in China and abroad like?

Mr. Wu: In foreign countries, some media companies and check each other, the development of Fandao slower. In China, Shanghai to distribute telephone numbers faster, now approaching 10,000 users, and Harbin has more than 50,000 users. Total number of users throughout the trial with about more than 100,000 households.

Reporter: IPTV development of any difficulties?

Wu Ying: At present, local radio and television system, not separate government and enterprises, to some extent hindered the development of IPTV. The performance of the major difficulties: First, the local cable television company's IPTV have misconception that IPTV on Cable TV is a threat. If they can not upgrade their cable networks to support IPTV, then, indeed, of the cable network business model, the power and flexibility than, but IPTV. The second is the business model, a new technology takes time to swallow.

Reporter: In this case, IPTV will have a large development?

Wu Ying: Definitely. Looking at the present, IPTV momentum and acceptance faster than current PHS more. IPTV is that everyone says good read. We demonstrate the company's Beijing Office has a box is taking over in Harbin, I want to see one day before the news network, dozens of seconds to tune out.

Reporter: operation simple?

Wu Ying: Simple, and TV remote control almost, which helps promote the spread of information technology in China.

Reporter: From the control aspect, impede the promotion of the reasons for IPTV?

Wu Ying: IPTV operators have a national license in addition to other localities to carry out this business, local radio and television departments should also re-approved, is now approved for the commercial service only two cities: Harbin and Shanghai, fewer.

Reporter: In order to provide IPTV, telecom and broadcast systems are working together, we can say, IPTV push the triple play.

Mr. Wu: Shanghai Media and Telecom in 40 cities signed a cooperation agreement, the two sides complement each other. Triple play that for so many years, has been impossible to achieve, IPTV combines to make it real. Because we all benefit, which is the impetus of the market economy. Not only is the enterprise, people benefit from government benefit, as IPTV will create a large green out of the cultural industry.

IPTV market will greatly exceed PHS

Reporter: PHS with a number of years of time before the user reaches a certain size?

Wu Ying: PHS took three years to reach 100 million users, IPTV is now just two test points, this year as in the first year. Can not take two years to 100 million users. 3 years later, IPTV give UT Starcom bring billions of dollars of income level.

Reporter: Can you reach the peak of PHS did?

Wu Ying: compared to most of the PHS. IPTV equipment can be sold worldwide, PHS because the frequency of problems can only be sold in China. In addition, China has 380 million TV sets, IPTV users could reach 200 million. PHS because there are different options for wireless communications technology to reach 100 million users have much of. IPTV market in China alone than the PHS big, not to mention there are foreign.

Reporter: At present, you regard it as the first business to development?

Wu Ying: We IPTV as a growth company is a very important point, my main efforts are also placed here. IPTV to develop, but also parties to support, some of which may also be repeated, the need for coordination.

Reporter: And when it was promoting PHS is a bit like? Is red in front of you.

Mr. Wu: Yes, it is a bunch of questions, we welcome to listen to different views. The difference is that with the PHS, the state policy in IPTV is very clear.

Reporter: How do your financial situation?

Mr. Wu: I am strong, the company accounts on a 685 million U.S. dollars in cash, for each quarter of positive cash flow is increasing. In the first quarter, we in China have been profitable for the world to achieve profitability this year.

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He Jinghua assumed office 72 days "Butterfly doors New Deal" will undergo massive changes

According to "book of astronomy training" records that often divided the year into five sections, each 72 days; ten years is divided into five stages, each for the 720 days. There are 1 000 440 6 years of gas, just-one Saturday-year-old, six years cycle method and the "via" exactly the same, indicating that 72 days in the ancient heart of the importance of schedule. In Chinese mythology, the 72 days is the co-Tai Shan Fu Jun, 5 Great God, great auspicious days and 69 days and is, one of the 69 days that is: Four arms of the fixed, four Yamashina, 12 days, Big Dipper, 12 Temple of God, Five Star, Ershibasu. According to historical records, our great philosopher, thinker, Confucius, founder of the Confucian school of life, there are 72 disciples.

I have been particularly obsessed with online games a while, especially like the Westward Journey Online II game, as the Monkey King as 72 changing, really have is shaking, Qi Guishen it can, but today happens to be Mr. He Jinghua as Kingdee International Software Group Chief Executive Officer绗竷 12 days.

He Jinghua assumed office talking about the outside world

In the last year on December 10, Kingdee International Software Group announced the appointment of Mr. He Jinghua Board as Group Chief Executive, a time when the author is inventory management software industry in China in 2006 ten most concern people, heard the news, I immediately asked the group Authority to last her mind, places for He Jinghua, but soon attracted other colleagues unanimously opposed. The reason is He Jinghua left UF in 2006 after the former Siebel Systems software Electric Company, the performance has not achieved a huge influence, and later for the Oracle acquisition of Siebel, its behavior is not selected for the annual top ten, but I believe that He Jinghua management software industry in China has become a phenomenal figure, although everyone's attention in 2006 and ending on the last twenty-one days, but enough to change people's view on the matter. Later, the same insistence on the author, He Jinghua was selected in our annual top ten most concern people, and 21 days but also created a calendar year, the date of our most talked about records. In the reviews, I have such a rating Ho: from the old "five million workers" to the present Kingdee CEO, he is the software industry's most successful professional managers! Let's hope he continues to write in Kingdee "History of the Chinese software."

According to the sources close to He Jinghua, in fact, He Jinghua not the people the impression that New Year's Day before reporting for duty, in Kingdee announced after Chief Executive Officer of the Group has headquarters in Shenzhen, accordingly, the author interviewed several times asked Mr. He, however, declined. It is learned that after he took office some time before any performance of a very low key, stay in the office every day, did not speak, not even an internal inspection is also given to journalists for interviews refused.

In Kingdee announced the appointment, the other on the situation in this respect there is no coverage in the more low-key situation that He Jinghua its management style is more inconsistent, it is far more speculation about motives, in what has not officially assuming his post, He Jinghua in Kingdee can how far elicited extensive discussion.

According to a media person said that the main attack Kingdee the past few years the market has always been to a lot of publicity and flexible sales against UF. Products are the biggest weaknesses Kingdee has been followed by UF run, Leia! And today's Kingdee in marketing, sales and internal management, not bad ah, marketing can be described as industry-leading, internal management is also very sharp, Branch General Manager that scored the win. He Jinghua Kingdee the arrival of what to give? He is not on the product development experts, he could not play any guidance Kingdee development. EAS products can only be sold, how long the total items also in this, but the key question is just developed by Kingdee EAS products are also only a prototype, only the financial part. Its performance can and UF after 9 years of build out, with the overall management of the NC to compete? To He Jinghua sales genius there must be some effect, but the product not work, can have much effect? What is the role of ? and relatively tolerant Wang Wenjing, introverted than Xu Shaochun the bold character to the more difficult heroic outsiders co Falcon, so he thought He Jinghua in the life cycle is difficult to spend Kingdee the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Joined the UF and then compared it to Kingdee governance in the corporate structure, corporate culture and human resource allocation, more family-type management style, Kingdee is its primary founder, chairman Xu Shaochun years of hard work, and a large part of the company executives Since the pioneering veterans, and the formation of a very local culture, and Wang Wenjing, like Xu Shaochun also seize control of the company Busong Shou, he has been who is a CEO. For the evaluation of the industry even more than Wang Wenjing Xu Shaochun evaluation of more "arbitrary and autocratic," Kingdee more private than the legacy of UF. And Kingdee the lawsuit went to court once before the UF executives YUEYANG Kingdee made on company executives in recent years, so many leave, Kingdee should reflect on their own culture and management?

Management scholars recognized by law, He Jinghua as successful professional managers, their fate depends on the Xu Shaochun Kingdee have much power to its distribution, but the face of obvious localization Kingdee style, years of management system and marketing model, He Jinghua International Professional Managers face the problems and pressures may re-emerge, then He Jinghua smooth over the "Hom" it?

"Butterfly doors New Deal" will undergo massive changes

Just outside the various arguments, the Kingdee and He Jinghua started to move, "knife", and first of all start with the first strokes start from the staff. People who are familiar with Kingdee know into after 2007, Kingdee published on the website management staff changes, in addition to several non-executive directors, the management of the biggest changes is to increase the He Jinghua, fewer Zhang Yong, Zhang would be understood as Why give way. It is reported that Zhang Yong, a young guard in Kingdee strong internal figures, in addition to its special background, standing just over his Kingdee has been maintained in several "best": Kingdee from when he first entered the youngest employees, to the youngest Regional General Manager, until the group's youngest vice president, and even had named Shanghai IT in cutting-edge character, he is the youngest one of the most energetic.

He Jinghua arrived, Zhang Yong, back up their hand to create Shanghai, once again served as General Manager of Shanghai Branch, and East Area General Manager. This phenomenon reminds people to have to UF that year, then joined the UF is He Jinghua, Gao little sense to go to Shanghai, and again in the He Jinghua Gao returned to Beijing after the departure of the future, this scene is not in Kingdee have to reproduce?

The most unexpected changes occurred in North China, Beijing, released in Beijing last year Kingdee ERP personalized planning, Kingdee president Xu Shaochun had lofty pride to announce that the company should continue to consolidate in South China, East China market, based on the North China especially in Beijing as second front. However, in Kingdee coaching change, the new president, He Jinghua, shortly after taking office on January 25, he signed a dismissal decision to remove baodong Kingdee Software vice president and general manager of North China, Beijing Branch General Manager, Xu is also an in-house Kingdee veteran, joined Kingdee years, has experienced business and Xu Shaochun start with the pain, has gone through South Central, Northeast, North China, General Manager, traveled up to half of China.

According to Beijing, a highly requested public company who declined to name the authors said the reasons for dismissal Xu far from clear, from the issue of removal of the headquarters in Shenzhen because Xu on many occasions against the company released some of values and corporate culture wrong, affect the company's internal unity, resulting in a very negative impact. As to specifically what he said he was not clear, he is afraid that a change in company layoffs affect his Kingdee development. The authors call on the matter Kingdee Beijing branch, the staff agreed to go to the relevant responsible person for me, the phone has no answer.

Ho worth the wait strategy

According to one for many years in the hands of those He Jinghua expected as early as in the U.S. He Jinghua largest software maker Oracle database (Oracle)'s East Coast Technical Sales Director, commanding 300 people when the business operations team, what would not want to hide Senior management ambitions, when he spent some time to observe every day the company's senior managers, decision-making. What impressed him most of the sentence is: "given by none other than the stage, the stage is self-created. I have been to their new challenges, because challenges to successfully bring a new stage." After the east coast technology, Taiwan, Oracle, BroadVision information , UF Software and Siebel Systems, and today as the new president of Kingdee, He Jinghua will certainly make their own range of strategic options.

It now appears that Kingdee 2006's "Let ERP personalization" strategy, He Jinghua likely to be under the rule of the Ming deposit can read, "Let the ERP personalized" this year will definitely be a future development strategy, or be deemed to for Kingdee an interpretation of the ERP. Current Kingdee will certainly make more specific guidance strategy. According to a senior multi-track interview Kingdee I have told the media that, in response to UF on Feb. 1 release of "three-year plan" is likely to convene a Kingdee furthest to the 2010 "grand four-year development" and believe in the near post, and for the first time into a grand public reception will He Jinghua.

In product, marketing, sales, service, Kingdee will be based on their own products and market situation, in particular small and medium enterprises in China in 2006 showing a profit of more thin market, He Jinghua EAS will definitely focus on marketing and speed up the application and the EAS platform for research and development, made a breakthrough year for growth, which in line with what a large one like the sales person with habits.

In the K / 3 ERP side, how could continue Kingdee original strategy to BOS as a platform to launch a more attractive value-added co-BOS channel strategy, creating a BOS-based software industry chain.

In KIS products, possible applications of what UF in the "links" series on marketing strategies, innovative channel model, a comprehensive market-oriented action to KIS.

At the same time, we can not ignore the Kingdee HR market in the vertical and horizontal alliances, what could clearly be established this year in the HR market Kingdee leader status and continue to the United Nations leading consulting, implementation services providers, such as the Beijing Review, China cornerstone, Tai Gu Wen, Xinhua Jun policy letter is slightly, Sasuke consulting, etc., expand the HR market, and its breakthrough Mubiao should Jiushi large state enterprises, after all, in the current situation to allow SMEs to spend millions or 10 million to bite the bullet on a bit of a HR system.

Traditional manufacturing industries will continue to increase, tobacco, and financial advantages the industry's market development efforts. Meanwhile, UFIDA "mobile business" strategy the same, as the emerging markets combined with the Internet, enterprise information applications and mobile Internet is more and more closely, the Golden Butterfly "mobile ERP" "Flying" market program launched, Kingdee this year will be greater in the circulation of commodities in the field for market performance.

Meanwhile, international career as a manager, He Jinghua building on the positive corporate culture has its unique. It is reported that, He Jinghua privately admire the annual rate of China in 2001 World Cup soccer coach Bora Milutinovic, and Milutinovic's "happy" philosophy has been the introduction of a corporate culture construction, and He Jinghua steeped American culture for many years to promote Happy work is certainly its strong commendation.

He Jinghua in Kingdee career just started, had joined the UF interview, He Jinghua has the Lord said, "I think is getting better," I sincerely hope that this sentence is now feeling its feelings.

After the language

I finished the story to man for many years in the hands of those He Jinghua see, he told me that if He Jinghua agree to interview you, what do you think he would say, I said guess. What tone he said: "I am a professional manager, professional managers, there is a periodic task," "I have no success, but I could only have been ahead, and there can not stop. I walked Each station will create a number of different values, to have some effect. "I have a knowing smile, He Jinghua style is really like.

He Jinghua, an airborne foreign monks, will be how to knock bowl Kingdee chanting? Milutinovic Although he admired has left the job for many years, but still has a strong influence in China, but He Jinghua Can you? Many people are still waiting to see However, he along the way, and create life opportunities for their achievements, it touches no doubt. Perhaps in a few years, when we once again inventory management software in China when the fiftieth anniversary ceremony, He Jinghua also re-elected to ten people most concerned about.


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dialogue Negroponte: U.S. Dollar 100 computers who moved the cheese

Affordable is the last word, but an underdeveloped economy like China, to accept one hundred U.S. dollars laptop hard from more than low prices, but need to update a new concept. While this concept may affect millions or even tens of millions of poor children's life

鈻?reporter trainee reporter Wei Gao Jian Qiu Jing

Intel and Microsoft, Bill? Gates two hot IT oligopoly under ridicule cold satirical, but also people who adhere to their own point of view the number of IT? American institutions of higher education students of the Media Lab that, perhaps your teacher Nigeluopang God will be the last one fearless person.

Not only because Nigeluopang Royal family is one of the world's four major shipping tycoon, but also because he was ten years ago that the rage, "Being Digital," the author, as this book, Nigeluopang emperor was the industry as the "Godfather of the Internet." Ten years ago, this prophet predicted the Internet have become a reality in many, but for his efforts in the past two years has been "one hundred U.S. dollars computer", the industry is mixed. The famous Fanfangguandian to come from Intel and Microsoft.

The so-called "100 U.S. dollars computer", which is where most of the attention the price - 100 dollars, this is only the cheapest laptop currently on the market products of one-third to one-fourth. Industry generally believe that the computer market is not the most important determinant of price, performance, psychological bottom line is the computer user.

Good value for money is pursued by people, but people buy it on the cheap psychological doubts this statement.

"100 U.S. dollars computer" using Linux operating system, equipped with 500MHz processor, 1GB flash memory, four USB ports, and dual-mode display screen, respectively, full-color screen or black screen, sunlight-readable mode, Wi-Fi wireless capabilities, while can connect to the phone network, also allows multiple computers to share a single Internet connection simultaneously. Through the general notebook power supply, battery or through a subsidiary in the notebook on hand joystick to human-powered, so there is no cable in the remote areas can also be used.

Intel's Channel Platforms Group vice president and general manager (Bill Siu) this veiled, he said that 100 U.S. dollars from the function more like a notebook PDA, rather than the PC, usually, to buy PC users to access content and purpose use the software. However, some products for least developed countries is very limited in function, can not even load the software, which limits the user enthusiasm.

"If a device can not be used to access content, even if the price of only 100 U.S. dollars were not cheap. For example, if you have multiple DVD discs, I have a very low price you can not sell a DVD playback device, which much sense? I think this is purely a waste of money. "Bill - Gates said.

Negroponte has repeatedly expressed as technology advances, 100 U.S. dollars computer functions will be better.

However, what Negroponte is the most difficult communication problems with the government.

100 U.S. dollars computer is not sold directly to end users, but sold to governments, by their allocation to their students. This sales approach with a strong "pro-poor" character.

"Lack of effective dialogue with the Chinese government direct channels of communication." The digital master show "100 U.S. dollars computer" in the implementation of China's frustration. "If you can not communicate effectively, then the computer '100 dollars' in China bear the bottom line is this year in August."


鈻?reporter Wei Gao Jian

Trainee reporter Qiu Jing

Ten years ago in the spring, Negroponte, MIT Media Lab professor, with his "Being Digital" first visit to China. 1 "Being Digital" led the Chinese people's enthusiasm for the future of information in the world dream of passion and endless. At that time he was a preacher of Being Digital.

Also in the spring, but the time to write in the years after the first N times Negroponte set foot on Chinese soil.

This time visit, he brought China's independent innovation and harmonious social context of digital learning new concepts and contribute to China's western region has been encouraged by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said the invention of direct "OLPC (One Laptop)."

To take this opportunity, "Financial Times" interviewed Professor Nigeluopang Timor.

"Financial Times": We think that part of income of a few people need to have equal educational opportunities. But we've been to some of the western region, he is not going to learn this power. Instead, some big cities in China, or the small city of low-income people, their families may need this product. You will consider promoting your product to them?

Nigeluopang God: Why in such remote areas that he is not interested in learning? Because he was confused to learn what his life would be different. Well, from my point of view, these things should give the poor child, let him know in learning after the change of his life. After all, once the Internet after he advanced the place to see what happens, he will have some more new things. We can not say he does not do not give them.

In fact, the world's worst poverty is not in the countryside, but in the city. Many scholars talked about, If you go to Brazil, India, the poorest of the poor children inside the city. Why does this happen? Because we feel the need to modernize, and the first is to the peasants into the city. Many such problems arise, for example, so that he could not find work. Therefore, the project's most important place in rural areas. From my point of view is not necessarily a poor living in rural areas, but also a way of life. If you go to a big city, living under pressure, they find a job, this is really poor.

"Financial Times": Have you thought about business in China or groups, to jointly promote computer access to 100 U.S. dollars to the idea of the western region?

Nigeluopang God: Many people ask me, any country's central government has been too slow, if it, like it or not and the business community? The second option is that if the central government is too slow, and local governments can cooperate?

Such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other local governments are very rich. In fact, we are unwilling to do, because basic education is a basic responsibility of the central government. My current state is very complex, always with the world's great powers of communication, but also the world's major powers and the central government communication. Such government actions are usually very cautious. But we decided to deal with China's central government.

"Financial Times": Bill. Gates made in March when the U.S. Dollar 100 computer does not make sense, then his assessment of Professor Ponty have any ideas?

Nigeluopang Emperor: Mr. Gates talked about several things, there are several things is certainly not true. For example, Gates said there should be no hand-cranked generator. In remote areas without power supply is definitely impossible. The second chip is so slow that Bill Gates. I think that the chip if you use Microsoft's operating system is a match. However, if the speed of a small chip, performance is better, simple LINUX software may be faster than the current WIN system.

But I also have some views and Mr. Gates is the same, such as screen size is 9 inches, Mr. Gates is also promoting 9-inch display, so that there is no difference.

"Financial Times": You come to China so many times, if one hundred U.S. dollars to promote the things do not go, then how will your feeling?

Nigeluopang Emperor: If unsuccessful I do not think this is a failed thing.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Shuo-side by side with the day thinking up the computer "settle down"

At this stage, as new technology development, information-rich and easily accessible sources, more and more people have understood how to use computers, learn to surf in the Internet. Usually we have seen computer equipment, also divided into three parts. Part is to show the output device, part of keyboard and mouse input devices, and other components are installed inside the chassis, which we call the host. Motherboards, hard drives and CPU delicate electronic devices such as these should be installed within the chassis, the chassis itself, if the quality is very poor, how to ensure that these things in your case "settled down" mean? No matter how high-end computer chassis are essential, whether you are a regular player, or a fever-level overclocking who, on the chassis of choice should be sufficient attention.

Chassis as a computer case, is also very particular about the work, a good case to be not only novel in style, the quality should have a good performance. Chassis can play the role of the various components of the host support, enabling them security, are not subject to outside influence. Master Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, up from 1997 on services for the computer enthusiasts, dedicated to create beautiful, practical, durable computer chassis, for the placement of a another computer with a comfortable "home."

Master the computer up to put on safety helmet

Computer hardware biggest enemy than dust killer, played for the computer chassis to escort duty, not only for the CPU cooling, you can block the invasion of dust. Up to Master Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary as GOLDENFIELD has been producing a variety of hardware for customers protector - chassis. After years of efforts to explore, set up master has developed into a series of computer case power and other computer peripheral product development, production and sales of large-scale IT enterprises. Over the years, up to master the spirit of innovation, pragmatism, professionalism, unity business philosophy based on the intensifying of the IT market. With the continuous expansion of the scale, up to a well-trained master of R & D team with strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment to lay a solid foundation of quality products. August 2003, up to Master the first excellent quality products through national compulsory 3C certification, to provide users with a strong reputation to protect, for the computer to provide a solid security armor.

Reasonable price will always be the user's pursuit of the spirit of "people-oriented, technological innovation" business philosophy of up to deeply understand the Master Technology Co., Ltd. is the company to the user's pursuit of development objectives, the product is always up to master the pursuit of the user to tailor-made. In order to enable consumers to enjoy up to master in a timely manner to provide quality and convenient service, up to master more than 30 cities in the country established a perfect sales network and has a large number of excellent sales and service personnel, so that the user provide faster, better product advice and after-sales service.

Shuo-up problems in the management

In recent years, with up to master the business expanding, increasing product sales, corporate reputation also will started, but this time found up to Master, the lack of an advanced management backing, making the company the product inadequate quality control analysis, repetitive products and more serious waste; in material consumption is also because of the same issues, resulting in consumption of materials, both series lead material situation, but also count the situation wrong , which makes production planning difficult to arrange; In addition, because managers can not fully understand the appropriate means to inventory the condition of material, so often appears in the procurement of the number and variety of the deviation, not only a waste of money, but also affect the production schedule. Supply and marketing data a direct result of the chaos in the financial sector can not be timely, accurate understanding of the company's operating results and other basic information, reporting to company decision-making will be difficult in real time.

In the face of such a series of management problems, up to master decision-making performance very calm and decisive manner that should immediately introduce a scientific, rational, advanced management system, on the one hand to solve the thorny problem of the company arise, On the other hand further standardize corporate governance, enhance the corporate image, a better approach with the international advanced enterprises, providing customers with higher quality, more effective chassis, so that each user's computer have a comfortable "home."

Days of thinking and master the software and hardware combination of up to

However, the face of the market variety, a wide range of management software, up to master the moment I do not know where to start, what to look for a management software to help businesses. After further in-depth research they found that: At present, widely used by major ERP business management system, offers advanced management concept, but is in urgent need of up to master. After careful deliberation and comparison after they decided to help companies use ERP as a powerful weapon for renewed vitality! Following a thorough and careful selection, the up master development company found: Days Best Software Group's "day of Si Manager ERP" management system not only with scientific and rational design patterns, strong operational capabilities, but also with the service in small household electrical appliance enterprises rich and successful experience. Based on these key considerations, decided to sign up to master day thinking group.
After days of thinking the implementation of staff over a period of time right after the master of business to develop a master for up to the individual needs of the program, and in the shortest possible time, continue to implement the program, in the implementation process to remove all barriers, particularly some employees do not understand the new management model, day thinking on the management of personnel up to master specialized training to-day thinking up Master software and hardware perfectly together.

Day thinking up ERP and Master of soft and hard combination to master the management of up into the high stage, not only can accurately understand the material inventory data, clearly the income of each material, hair, kept the situation, avoiding duplication of procurement and error procurement, to a large extent, reduced inventory costs; can make accurate production plans, a good grasp of the quality of products, eliminate the phenomenon of repetitive production, consumption of materials to avoid the situation of appears material series lead to more accurate count; In addition, the days of thinking to make ERP more clear up the financial master data clarity, can accurately know the company's operating performance, to make better management decisions. Since the ERP up Shuo Shi Tiansi received after the real good results, it becomes more smooth development path, and forward a lot faster.

Up to a high degree of Master of Appreciation

Master's Manager Chen of the days up to give a high evaluation of thinking: "In just less than six months, the days of thinking ERP project managers have made significant results. To use the Manager ERP system, to bring our work a great convenience, and now I can check through the system, get what I want all the production, procurement, materials all the information. and the production and cost management Jie He Zhi Zao for us in the cost of products Yuchanchengpin control Shang Shu Liang He played Le significant role in this positive development of the health of our company has played a significant role in promoting. "

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sneak Peek! VideoStudio 10 Plus the first to experience

First, the new splash screen Splash

First to install VideoStudio 10 Plus, the installation program for the 117MB, after you install the program for the 145MB, which includes Flash Player, Indeo, QuickTime 7 3 of the necessary supporting software. In VideoStudio 9, no increase in the Flash Player, but was later released on a patch for Flash support to enhance the VideoStudio 9 on Flash support. In VideoStudio 10 directly joined the Flash Player, I believe will support Flash, more perfect.

In this version, no help files and material files, and 9.0 is too small compared to that in the official version will definitely bring new changes.

VideoStudio 10 Plus the installation process is very simple, and compared to the previous version did not change much, but the former beauty handheld DV interface replaced by dolphins leaping out from the screen interface shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The new splash screen

1, a new startup interface - 2, guidance and editing interface - 3, support for hard drive-based DV capture - 4, video editor new anti-vibration filter - 5, are free to add more than one overlay track adjustment - 6 Add Subtitles animation - 7, to increase support for 5.1 sound system - 8, supports more video formats - 9, customizable interface settings and other new features -

Second, improved guidance and editing interface

Since there is no need for the installation process where special attention, we will not go into details. Direct boot software, start the wizard includes VideoStudio Editor (video editor main program), Movie Wizard (CD Quick Generate Wizard) and DV-to-DVD (DV converted to DVD Collection Wizard), shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Tool Wizard

Click the "VideoStudio Editor", enter the video editing program, take a look at the video editing VideoStudio 10 gives us what new features, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: VideoStudio 10 main interface

Can see the program's interface has undergone great changes, changes the layout of the monitor window in the center, it moved to the left of the interface, then focus on the material in the right window, and parameter setting panel, is still below the track panel, this seems to be more in line with our habits.

Third, support for hard drive-based DV capture

Click "Capture" button, open the capture window, shown in Figure 4. Capture part of the design or simple and intuitive as before, including Capture Video, DV Quick Scan, Import from DVD / DVD-VR and Import from Mobile Device four options, the biggest change is the addition of Mobile Device capture support, which shows that sound will affect 10 hard drive-based DV capture will support.

Figure 4: Support for DV capture hard drive

Click the "Import from Mobile Device" button, open the capture window, you can see on the left lists can support Mobile Device Type, click "Setting" button, you can set the default import and export path, shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Set the default import and export path


Fourth, the new video filter anti-vibration

Click "Edit" button to enter the video editing section, drag a video material to the Video track, shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Drag the video file to video track

Click the "Clolor Correction" button, enter the adjustment of hue, brightness and other parameters of the window, as shown in Figure 7, shows that adjusting the way a lot of changes.

Figure 7: Color Correction

Click the "Attribute" button to enter the Video Filter window, add the Anti-Shake anti-vibration filter, shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8: Anti-Shake filter anti-vibration

Drag the Anti-Shake anti-vibration filter to the video track of video, and then click Customize Filter Custom filter parameters, filter settings pop-up window shown in Figure 9. Here we can set the parameters of the lens to prevent vibration, to correct some defects produced film.

Figure 9: Custom filter parameters

5, a number of customizable overlay tracks

We then drag a video material to video overlay track in shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10: Drag a video material to video overlay track in

Click the track window above the Overlay Track Manager (overlay track manager), the pop-up window can add five new video overlay track, as shown in Figure 11, this is definitely a major update, we do not have to former can not increase the number of video overlay track and worry about.

Figure 11: Add 5 new video overlay track

Check the Overlay Track # 2 - # 6 option, then click "OK" button, you can add five new overlay track of. We were dragging the 3 video to overlay tracks in Figure 12. The red overlay for the additional track.

Figure 12: add a new overlay tracks to the editing interface

Click to select a certain track in the video overlay, and then Preferences window, click "Mask & Chroma Key" button to enter the overlay track to pull the color window, select the suction tool, then select the background color to pull , you can overlay tracks to become transparent, and as shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13: Mask & Chroma Key key out

6, Add more titles animation

Let us look at the change in title, click the "Title" button to enter the subtitle editing window, as shown in Figure 14, we can find the settings to change the subtitle is not small.

Figure 14: Subtitle Editor

Click the "Animation" button, enter the title animation editor window shown in Figure 15. Title animation is not small change, and provides more templates, we can create more text animation effects.

Figure 15: title animation

7, increasing support for 5.1 sound system

Let's look to the new audio editing changes. Click the "Audio" button to enter the audio editing window, shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16: audio editing window

Click the "Audio View" button to enter the audio view, the interface is pretty intuitive, can provide 5.1 support, as shown in Figure 17. For beginners, it is easy to use to use.

Figure 17: Audio view control, support for 5.1 sound system

There are four options in the window on the left, corresponding to the video track, overlay tracks, sound tracks and background music tracks in the audio, click the different options, they can set the audio parameters.

Click the window below the "Enable / Disable 5.1 Surround" button, you can change whether to allow the use of 5.1 audio. As shown in Figure 18, allows the use of 5.1 sound system for the after effects. 5.1 sound system with six independent channels, can promote the four surround speakers, 1 front speaker and a subwoofer. VideoStudio 10 provides 5.1 audio support can be said to be a major improvement, we can use it to create effect is more realistic sound and picture digital audio and video products.

Figure 18: On / Off 5.1 Surround Sound

8, support more video output formats

Let's look at what aspects of the video output improvement. Click the "Share" button, enter the output window, you can see the addition of a "Export to Mobild Device" option, as shown in Figure 19.

Figure 19: Export to mobile devices

Click the "Creat Video File" button, as shown in Figure 20, you can see to support more video formats (such as HD, iPod, Mobile Phone, etc.), we can make suitable removable media or the use of high-quality media video files, the specific use of each format is no longer described in detail, I believe you will find the option which suits you.

Figure 20: Support more output video formats

9, customizable interface parameter

In the parameter setting, it also provides more support, you can adjust the software's interface, the implementation of "File / Preferences" menu option, open the Preferences window, as shown in Figure 21. We can according to their need to adjust the software's interface to meet the personal habits.

Figure 21: Interface parameter

10, otherwise update

In addition, VideoStudio 10 has the following major areas of innovation, such as the world's first to support HD, BD video; new proxy mode for editing HD; integration of MPEG-4, DivX support; automatically improve the audio quality and so on.

Although this is an internal test version, but have brought us many surprises, and I believe the official version released in time more people will be surprised to find, let us look forward to it!

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