Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sneak Peek! VideoStudio 10 Plus the first to experience

First, the new splash screen Splash

First to install VideoStudio 10 Plus, the installation program for the 117MB, after you install the program for the 145MB, which includes Flash Player, Indeo, QuickTime 7 3 of the necessary supporting software. In VideoStudio 9, no increase in the Flash Player, but was later released on a patch for Flash support to enhance the VideoStudio 9 on Flash support. In VideoStudio 10 directly joined the Flash Player, I believe will support Flash, more perfect.

In this version, no help files and material files, and 9.0 is too small compared to that in the official version will definitely bring new changes.

VideoStudio 10 Plus the installation process is very simple, and compared to the previous version did not change much, but the former beauty handheld DV interface replaced by dolphins leaping out from the screen interface shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The new splash screen

1, a new startup interface - 2, guidance and editing interface - 3, support for hard drive-based DV capture - 4, video editor new anti-vibration filter - 5, are free to add more than one overlay track adjustment - 6 Add Subtitles animation - 7, to increase support for 5.1 sound system - 8, supports more video formats - 9, customizable interface settings and other new features -

Second, improved guidance and editing interface

Since there is no need for the installation process where special attention, we will not go into details. Direct boot software, start the wizard includes VideoStudio Editor (video editor main program), Movie Wizard (CD Quick Generate Wizard) and DV-to-DVD (DV converted to DVD Collection Wizard), shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Tool Wizard

Click the "VideoStudio Editor", enter the video editing program, take a look at the video editing VideoStudio 10 gives us what new features, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: VideoStudio 10 main interface

Can see the program's interface has undergone great changes, changes the layout of the monitor window in the center, it moved to the left of the interface, then focus on the material in the right window, and parameter setting panel, is still below the track panel, this seems to be more in line with our habits.

Third, support for hard drive-based DV capture

Click "Capture" button, open the capture window, shown in Figure 4. Capture part of the design or simple and intuitive as before, including Capture Video, DV Quick Scan, Import from DVD / DVD-VR and Import from Mobile Device four options, the biggest change is the addition of Mobile Device capture support, which shows that sound will affect 10 hard drive-based DV capture will support.

Figure 4: Support for DV capture hard drive

Click the "Import from Mobile Device" button, open the capture window, you can see on the left lists can support Mobile Device Type, click "Setting" button, you can set the default import and export path, shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Set the default import and export path


Fourth, the new video filter anti-vibration

Click "Edit" button to enter the video editing section, drag a video material to the Video track, shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Drag the video file to video track

Click the "Clolor Correction" button, enter the adjustment of hue, brightness and other parameters of the window, as shown in Figure 7, shows that adjusting the way a lot of changes.

Figure 7: Color Correction

Click the "Attribute" button to enter the Video Filter window, add the Anti-Shake anti-vibration filter, shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8: Anti-Shake filter anti-vibration

Drag the Anti-Shake anti-vibration filter to the video track of video, and then click Customize Filter Custom filter parameters, filter settings pop-up window shown in Figure 9. Here we can set the parameters of the lens to prevent vibration, to correct some defects produced film.

Figure 9: Custom filter parameters

5, a number of customizable overlay tracks

We then drag a video material to video overlay track in shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10: Drag a video material to video overlay track in

Click the track window above the Overlay Track Manager (overlay track manager), the pop-up window can add five new video overlay track, as shown in Figure 11, this is definitely a major update, we do not have to former can not increase the number of video overlay track and worry about.

Figure 11: Add 5 new video overlay track

Check the Overlay Track # 2 - # 6 option, then click "OK" button, you can add five new overlay track of. We were dragging the 3 video to overlay tracks in Figure 12. The red overlay for the additional track.

Figure 12: add a new overlay tracks to the editing interface

Click to select a certain track in the video overlay, and then Preferences window, click "Mask & Chroma Key" button to enter the overlay track to pull the color window, select the suction tool, then select the background color to pull , you can overlay tracks to become transparent, and as shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13: Mask & Chroma Key key out

6, Add more titles animation

Let us look at the change in title, click the "Title" button to enter the subtitle editing window, as shown in Figure 14, we can find the settings to change the subtitle is not small.

Figure 14: Subtitle Editor

Click the "Animation" button, enter the title animation editor window shown in Figure 15. Title animation is not small change, and provides more templates, we can create more text animation effects.

Figure 15: title animation

7, increasing support for 5.1 sound system

Let's look to the new audio editing changes. Click the "Audio" button to enter the audio editing window, shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16: audio editing window

Click the "Audio View" button to enter the audio view, the interface is pretty intuitive, can provide 5.1 support, as shown in Figure 17. For beginners, it is easy to use to use.

Figure 17: Audio view control, support for 5.1 sound system

There are four options in the window on the left, corresponding to the video track, overlay tracks, sound tracks and background music tracks in the audio, click the different options, they can set the audio parameters.

Click the window below the "Enable / Disable 5.1 Surround" button, you can change whether to allow the use of 5.1 audio. As shown in Figure 18, allows the use of 5.1 sound system for the after effects. 5.1 sound system with six independent channels, can promote the four surround speakers, 1 front speaker and a subwoofer. VideoStudio 10 provides 5.1 audio support can be said to be a major improvement, we can use it to create effect is more realistic sound and picture digital audio and video products.

Figure 18: On / Off 5.1 Surround Sound

8, support more video output formats

Let's look at what aspects of the video output improvement. Click the "Share" button, enter the output window, you can see the addition of a "Export to Mobild Device" option, as shown in Figure 19.

Figure 19: Export to mobile devices

Click the "Creat Video File" button, as shown in Figure 20, you can see to support more video formats (such as HD, iPod, Mobile Phone, etc.), we can make suitable removable media or the use of high-quality media video files, the specific use of each format is no longer described in detail, I believe you will find the option which suits you.

Figure 20: Support more output video formats

9, customizable interface parameter

In the parameter setting, it also provides more support, you can adjust the software's interface, the implementation of "File / Preferences" menu option, open the Preferences window, as shown in Figure 21. We can according to their need to adjust the software's interface to meet the personal habits.

Figure 21: Interface parameter

10, otherwise update

In addition, VideoStudio 10 has the following major areas of innovation, such as the world's first to support HD, BD video; new proxy mode for editing HD; integration of MPEG-4, DivX support; automatically improve the audio quality and so on.

Although this is an internal test version, but have brought us many surprises, and I believe the official version released in time more people will be surprised to find, let us look forward to it!

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