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Shuo-side by side with the day thinking up the computer "settle down"

At this stage, as new technology development, information-rich and easily accessible sources, more and more people have understood how to use computers, learn to surf in the Internet. Usually we have seen computer equipment, also divided into three parts. Part is to show the output device, part of keyboard and mouse input devices, and other components are installed inside the chassis, which we call the host. Motherboards, hard drives and CPU delicate electronic devices such as these should be installed within the chassis, the chassis itself, if the quality is very poor, how to ensure that these things in your case "settled down" mean? No matter how high-end computer chassis are essential, whether you are a regular player, or a fever-level overclocking who, on the chassis of choice should be sufficient attention.

Chassis as a computer case, is also very particular about the work, a good case to be not only novel in style, the quality should have a good performance. Chassis can play the role of the various components of the host support, enabling them security, are not subject to outside influence. Master Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, up from 1997 on services for the computer enthusiasts, dedicated to create beautiful, practical, durable computer chassis, for the placement of a another computer with a comfortable "home."

Master the computer up to put on safety helmet

Computer hardware biggest enemy than dust killer, played for the computer chassis to escort duty, not only for the CPU cooling, you can block the invasion of dust. Up to Master Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary as GOLDENFIELD has been producing a variety of hardware for customers protector - chassis. After years of efforts to explore, set up master has developed into a series of computer case power and other computer peripheral product development, production and sales of large-scale IT enterprises. Over the years, up to master the spirit of innovation, pragmatism, professionalism, unity business philosophy based on the intensifying of the IT market. With the continuous expansion of the scale, up to a well-trained master of R & D team with strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment to lay a solid foundation of quality products. August 2003, up to Master the first excellent quality products through national compulsory 3C certification, to provide users with a strong reputation to protect, for the computer to provide a solid security armor.

Reasonable price will always be the user's pursuit of the spirit of "people-oriented, technological innovation" business philosophy of up to deeply understand the Master Technology Co., Ltd. is the company to the user's pursuit of development objectives, the product is always up to master the pursuit of the user to tailor-made. In order to enable consumers to enjoy up to master in a timely manner to provide quality and convenient service, up to master more than 30 cities in the country established a perfect sales network and has a large number of excellent sales and service personnel, so that the user provide faster, better product advice and after-sales service.

Shuo-up problems in the management

In recent years, with up to master the business expanding, increasing product sales, corporate reputation also will started, but this time found up to Master, the lack of an advanced management backing, making the company the product inadequate quality control analysis, repetitive products and more serious waste; in material consumption is also because of the same issues, resulting in consumption of materials, both series lead material situation, but also count the situation wrong , which makes production planning difficult to arrange; In addition, because managers can not fully understand the appropriate means to inventory the condition of material, so often appears in the procurement of the number and variety of the deviation, not only a waste of money, but also affect the production schedule. Supply and marketing data a direct result of the chaos in the financial sector can not be timely, accurate understanding of the company's operating results and other basic information, reporting to company decision-making will be difficult in real time.

In the face of such a series of management problems, up to master decision-making performance very calm and decisive manner that should immediately introduce a scientific, rational, advanced management system, on the one hand to solve the thorny problem of the company arise, On the other hand further standardize corporate governance, enhance the corporate image, a better approach with the international advanced enterprises, providing customers with higher quality, more effective chassis, so that each user's computer have a comfortable "home."

Days of thinking and master the software and hardware combination of up to

However, the face of the market variety, a wide range of management software, up to master the moment I do not know where to start, what to look for a management software to help businesses. After further in-depth research they found that: At present, widely used by major ERP business management system, offers advanced management concept, but is in urgent need of up to master. After careful deliberation and comparison after they decided to help companies use ERP as a powerful weapon for renewed vitality! Following a thorough and careful selection, the up master development company found: Days Best Software Group's "day of Si Manager ERP" management system not only with scientific and rational design patterns, strong operational capabilities, but also with the service in small household electrical appliance enterprises rich and successful experience. Based on these key considerations, decided to sign up to master day thinking group.
After days of thinking the implementation of staff over a period of time right after the master of business to develop a master for up to the individual needs of the program, and in the shortest possible time, continue to implement the program, in the implementation process to remove all barriers, particularly some employees do not understand the new management model, day thinking on the management of personnel up to master specialized training to-day thinking up Master software and hardware perfectly together.

Day thinking up ERP and Master of soft and hard combination to master the management of up into the high stage, not only can accurately understand the material inventory data, clearly the income of each material, hair, kept the situation, avoiding duplication of procurement and error procurement, to a large extent, reduced inventory costs; can make accurate production plans, a good grasp of the quality of products, eliminate the phenomenon of repetitive production, consumption of materials to avoid the situation of appears material series lead to more accurate count; In addition, the days of thinking to make ERP more clear up the financial master data clarity, can accurately know the company's operating performance, to make better management decisions. Since the ERP up Shuo Shi Tiansi received after the real good results, it becomes more smooth development path, and forward a lot faster.

Up to a high degree of Master of Appreciation

Master's Manager Chen of the days up to give a high evaluation of thinking: "In just less than six months, the days of thinking ERP project managers have made significant results. To use the Manager ERP system, to bring our work a great convenience, and now I can check through the system, get what I want all the production, procurement, materials all the information. and the production and cost management Jie He Zhi Zao for us in the cost of products Yuchanchengpin control Shang Shu Liang He played Le significant role in this positive development of the health of our company has played a significant role in promoting. "

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